Master Bathroom

ineed to hang something on my bathroom wall(s). i would like to carry the green into the bathroom. so keep an eye out for stuff i can use to spruce up my bathroom. anything. green or not.
and, any tips? bathrooms get steamy so what can't i hang?


Bedding Update

thank you all for your comments. especially the marathon comments. especially the links.
turns out this green is hard to find. all the pillows below are over $60. i really don't want to pay that much. so i'm going to check out the fabric stores.
i've decided to go with a nuetral bedspread so i can switch out the pillows when i get bored. i've decided to go with this quilt from west elm. i have to be patient though because it is on backorder. i didn't want to go with brown because that is the color of my walls, carpet and bed.

anyone know of a good place to buy fabric?


Master Bedroom Bedding

this is embarrassing. just know that i DO NOT like this room. that is why i’m asking for your help. the only thing that must stay is the bed. i made it in a community ed. carpentry class. There are so many things this room needs but for now I’d like to focus on the bedding. We’ll get to the other stuff later. For now, help me transform this

using this color scheme.

i love the green. but i, of course, do not know how to make it happen.
do i get a blue bedspread like the rug?
how can i tie everything in without a bazillion pillows?

while surfing the net could you please keep an eye out for green bedding and accessories (bright green, grass green, not moss or light green)?

please help.


DONE Gift Exchange

i'm a jerk. my first completed task and i didn't even take anyone's advice. let me explain.
this trip to puerto rico was not planned. it came at the end of a pay period and i hadn't saved for it. so instead of spending $20 on a table cloth i decided to give away the magazine subscriptions i had just ordered for myself. all i had to spend was $1 for the magazine file folder. (i learned about ebay subscriptions from jordan so in a way it was her idea.)
the gift was a hit. it was the first present to be frozen (after it is stolen 3 times it becomes "frozen" and can't be taken again).


Kitchen Window II

i thought this blog would make decorating easier because i didn't have good ideas. now its hard because i don't know which good idea to choose. thank you for your good ideas.
i really, really like the idea of glass because of the sun. and i especially like the color wheel suggestion. i'm not good at free-form, this way i have a pattern to follow.
i also like the idea of herbs. especially since i saw this sign via design mom.

so as soon as i get back from puerto rico i will go shopping (unless i find something there by chance). i'm looking for small pots for the herbs or colored glass vases. dudes, i don't even freaking know where to shop for vintage stuff. could someone tell me? i live in-between provo and slc. thanks.

p.s. i don't really talk like that, i was just kidding about the dude and freakin lingo.


Gift Exchange II

Last night my friend went into labor (two weeks early) and asked me to take care of her 18 month old. after i put him to bed, i couldn't go back to sleep. in this wakefulness i thought of an idea for a present.

i saw these trays on Design Mom. i thought i could combine them with a cooking with kids cookbook.

but when i woke up this morning i had comments! i'm going shopping for a table cloth. (thank you stanley girls and your network of ingenuity.)