Thanks Folks

my parents (mostly my mom) have come up on multiple weekends to help me with projects. my mom has--sometimes with, sometimes without my help--painted four rooms, shelves, and the baseboards, doors, walls and ceilings of my hallways. she also weeded my yard and completed various other tasks around the house. plus, she always cleans the house before she leaves.

the last time my dad was here he had me put him to work. first he installed this shelf in my bathroom:
then he fixed a towell rod (those things are always pulling out of the drywall). then he put the hardware on that white cabinet i made. then he finished (dan started) installing the shelves in chloe's closet:then he hung the curtain:then a man came over to give us a bid on wall-to-wall shelves. (the first bid we got was $1300.) i didn't have much confidence in this last man and when he left my dad said, "i could do it." and he did. we went to home depot for supplies. he worked from about 3:00-9:30 that night and then finished in the morning:then i sanded and puttied and dan caulked and my mom helped me paint. its something i've wanted done for a long time. i'm very excited about it . i'll post pictures soon.

DONE Community Ed

i made two of these in my community ed. woods class.

and i made this. the bottom drawer is huge and is full of art supplies and other activities.

Stella's Room

  • the chair is from a thrift store.
  • the mobile is from a trip to france.

  • the art is from national badger (i bought it for the baby's room but stella liked it so much i decided to let her have it).

  • the book shelf is from another room of the house--repainted.

  • my grammy crocheted the dress for the cupie doll when i was little. i have a matching one.

  • the balloon is from tai pan trading discounted because of the dent.

  • we bought the bed off ebay but i think you can get it at walmart.

  • the quilt is from target. it was chloes. i cut it in half.

  • the curtains are from ikea (need to be hemmed).

  • my mom helped me repaint the walls.

Out of Time

yesterday was my due date. tomorrow i am going into the hospital to have my water broken. that leaves today to wrap things up.
i've had so many projects. every room of the house has a to-do list. i wanted to wait to post pictures of complete rooms but that hasn't been accomplished. i'll go ahead and post pictures of some of my accomplishments. then i'll go pack my hospital bag.