Trundle Bed

the playroom/guest room is now chloe's room. we got rid of the futon and now just have chloe's twin bed in there. we want a trundle bed but are having a hard time finding one.

i love the look of this:

but i want one that can pop-up into a king-size bed so couples can sleep side by side. (would it be weird to put up a couple in a multi-level bed?)

this is all i can find. seems kind of expensive ($399).
any ideas?


Blogger schmangie said...

check out the "lubi daybed" on it's a twin-size imitation of the Barcelona daybed by Le Corbusier. You could put sheets on it use it as chloe's bed and for guests. drawback is that once it's covered with bedding it might look boring (no head or foot board). Pottery Barn has several daybeds with pop-up trundles but they're fairly expensive.
Check your local craigslist for the trundle, I've seen them go for $30 on the St. Louis craigslist, maybe you can find a similar deal on the SLC list?

9:47 AM  
Blogger Cyndi Rella said...

KT, this store is by my dad's in San Diego and every time I pass it I think of you.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Trundle Beds said...

What about amazon or ebay? Buying online may save your money and sometimes even widen your choice.

10:14 PM  

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