i just noticed i was "tagged" by sweet mamu. i guess that's what i needed to get me blogging again because, well, we'll just start...
5 things you may not know about me:
  1. i am pregnant with my 3rd kid. that's why i have been a slacker blogger. i just haven't had a lot of energy for projects.
  2. i would really like to adopt. 2 kids. maybe siblings. to make a total of 5 kids.
  3. the ocean kinda freaks me out. i'm fine if i can touch but once it gets deep i get scared of sea creatures/plants and the power of waves.
  4. i don't know how to read music. the last time it came up was in 6th grade when we were learning to play the recorder. i know there is some limerick but i don't remember it. i keep thinking i would like to take piano lessons but when it comes down to it i guess i would rather play on a soccer team and take a woodworking class.
  5. i have really long toes.