Bedding Update

thank you all for your comments. especially the marathon comments. especially the links.
turns out this green is hard to find. all the pillows below are over $60. i really don't want to pay that much. so i'm going to check out the fabric stores.
i've decided to go with a nuetral bedspread so i can switch out the pillows when i get bored. i've decided to go with this quilt from west elm. i have to be patient though because it is on backorder. i didn't want to go with brown because that is the color of my walls, carpet and bed.

anyone know of a good place to buy fabric?


Blogger Miriam said...

TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls have tons of cheap clearance pillows/bedding in funky hip daring colors. Especially this time of year.

As far as fabric, in my town there's a couple of specialty shops, which is probably the cheapest way to go since you don't have to do shipping. Otherwise, those big craft stores an ebay both have good goods. has some cool things.

4:01 PM  
Blogger so said...

hello Katie
My name is Steve.
I run into your blog one day.
Told my wife about it
I said do you know a Katie in Lehi?
anyway she is a ski/snowboard instructor at Sundance
a serious biker both road and mountain
and she can make anything---wood, fabric what ever.
She is having a sale this weekend and told me to tell you about it.
It is called Artists with Christmas spirit and it is Friday and Saturday Dec 1st and 2nd
you might want go
if you want any info you could chat with her at noelleolpin at yahoo dot com

10:53 PM  

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