Front Room

this is my front room. i love the color. it is disney's "owl's nest". this is what our front door opens to.
i need help with the piano. what do i put on it?

Christmas Gifts

ok, i've been a slacker at posting but i finally found my camera adapter. so, first of all i'd like to tell you that i had the best Christmas ever. as far as presents go, anyway. my two favorites:

the Virco - Zuma Lab Stool i've been using a kitchen chair at the computer for way too long. the thing that is special about this chair is that it is a drafting chair. our computer is on a counter higher than desks. most drafting chairs are black and ugly. virco was the only cool one i could find.

and the Oreck XL® Ultra vacuum. i know, its not the futuristic dyson but i wanted a bag. i hate emptying canisters. we got a dog in november and we really needed a new vacuum. not something i would normally ask for but i didn't want to save up my own allowance for it. i love this vacuum. it has a ten year warranty and it is only 8 lbs. i can whip it around with ease. just keep the kids away. (sorry about the eye chloe)

Community Ed.

i signed up for two sessions of woodworking. i'm so excited.
all three doors to my house enter directly into rooms. no entryways. no mudroom. so my first project will be a version of this to go by the back door. a perfect place for dog food/leash and snow clothes.

i haven't decided on my second project. i would love a long, simple dining table but don't really have room for it. i could also use a coffee table

or maybe a bench with storage space to go in my bedroom.

so many possibilities...


Men's Dress Shoes

that was a long holiday. first, a week in st. george, ut. then, a week on the east coast. we just got back late tuesday night.
my husband decided he needed some new shoes to wear to church. so we went to the mall and discovered we have no idea what's in. could someone please fill us in?
he will mostly wear them to church. not always with a suit.