My Design Style

i guess if you are going to help me then you should know my design style. unfortunately, i don't even know it. i don't know much about design but i'll tell you what i think i know about myself.
  • muted colors--yes
  • bold colors--yes
  • country/cottage--i don't think so, maybe some things
  • art deco--no
  • shabby chic--maybe a little?
  • mid-century modern--i just learned this one and yes, i like it
  • modern/contemporary--yes, if its functional, comfortable, kid-friendly, not too abstract or cold
  • traditional--i probably like some aspects but not the boring ones
  • victorian--if that means frilly and fancy then, no
  • antiques--yes, if they are functional or have meaning to me
  • vintage--yes
  • eclectic--if that means a room full of random stuff: leopard print rug, modern coffee table, antique side table, victorian chair, antlers, traditional couch, and this lamp, then no. if its a room full (not really full) of stuff i like that happens to be from different styles and periods but still flows well, then yes.
  • lots of stuff--no
  • clean lines--yes
  • southwestern--no
  • dried or fake flowers--no. maybe branches.

that's all i could think of.

The Whole Idea

im looking for artistic, stylish people to be my personal shopper, designer, stylist. i cannot pay you --you'll just do it for your love of design. there are so many cool bloggers out there with so many cool ideas. this blog is to help you help me be just as cool, well, at least a little cooler than my current status.
i will post a design challenge that i am having and anyone who has an idea can add it to the comments. i will implement what appeals to me and then post the result. mostly we'll be dealing with interior design but may venture into books, parenting, travel, gift-giving, and when i get brave, my personal image.
i've lived in my house for about 3 years and there are so many undecorated spaces. this is not my dream house and i've known all along that one day we would out-grow it and move on so i haven't put too much effort into it and there are some investments i won't make (replacing kitchen cabinets for example). we are at least two years away from moving; i want to make them happy, comfortable, visually pleasing years.
unfortunately (and fortunately) i have a budget. each month i get:
  • $200 personal allowance
  • $100 home allowance
  • $50 clothing allowance for the girls (i'm sure they would be willing to sacrifice)

this rolls over so i can save up for larger items. i will document my purchases.

so if you think you're cool--or at least know what's cool--then go ahead and tell me what's up. just because we've never met doesn't mean i won't value your opinion