Chloe Needs New Shoes

last year chloe had the black and white checkered vans. i loved them, they seemed to go with everything. i loved them so much that, just in case i decide to get some for myself, i bought her a different style. i think she will like the kitties better. $25

she also needed white shoes. the usual places (walmart, target, payless) didn't have any--what the..--no white shoes? so i had to spend way more than usual, $38! oh well, i didn't have time to shop around. and they will be passed down to stella.

she over-spent her allowance. she owes me.


Gift Exchange

every november my Grammy has a sleepover for all her granddaughters and g.daughters-in-law (there are a LOT of us). we have dinner, lots of junk food, stay up till at least 3 am, and have a gift exchange--the kind where you roll dice and can take from other people. it's very fun and i look forward to it every year. but i have the hardest time deciding on a gift. please give me some ideas. the budget is $20.
some thoughts:

  • every year there is a "movie night" gift, a "pamper yourself" gift, and holiday decorations. so if you suggest something along these lines i'll probably veto it unless there is some added element of creativity.
  • most of the granddaughters are also mothers so the gift can be family-oriented.

Kitchen Window

this isn't very inspiring but i wanted to start with something simple. this window faces west and receives lots of sun. i always leave the blinds open because i like the light and the view (past the houses).
some thoughts:
  • plants would be fine (hardy ones).
  • this would be a good place for cacti because my kids can't reach it.
  • something that the sun can shine through--vases, a mobile?

and while we're at it, i'm looking to replace that quote thing hanging above the window. it was given to me and i don't care for it. (i do care for the words of a prophet, just not in this form.)

My Design Style II

i took a quiz on hgtv.com and here are the results:
"eccentric. for you, it's all about the mix. any style is welcome in your world as long as it complements something else. you're drawn to funky interiors and eye-catching color combinations (think red and blue, orange and turquoise, purple and gold). you like contrasting patterns and unconventional architecture. you enjoy furnishings that remind you of your travels mixed with modern pieces and offbeat antiques."
sounds about right. i do have red and blue walls.
also, here's what it says about virgos:
Being the most logical sign, you desire an orderly space where everything is kept neat and precise. Shelves for organization are a must, but you also enjoy vintage pieces, light wood and glass accents.Your colors of choice are light blues, yellow-greens and creams.
According to your sign, these four spaces suit your style:
Sleek Master Bedroom the master bedroom is nice.
Tranquil Blue Bathroom i love blue.
Airy Bedroom with Built-In Shelves i do love built-ins but not that bedroom.
Home Office Meets Library i DON'T like the office. (love the t.v. show--not the room in the link.)
that should be enough to go off. feel free to ask follow-up questions