this is what i have in mind for the new nursery decor:

one or both of these fabrics for the bedding:

art from binth

from jeeto

from national badger

and a mobile. haven't decided yet. maybe one from etsy:

the walls will be a cream color. i might paint the ceiling a light shade of blue. what do you think?

DONE Kid's Bathroom

the flash washed out the paint a bit, its not white--its a greenish/greyish/tanish color. it matches one of the stripes in the curtain. my sister-in-law, cyndi, gave me the vinyl (she has a business).
it feels good to finally have a room complete. my parents are coming up next weekend to help me paint. hopefully i can keep things rolling.


Chloe's Room

i have so many projects and only 3 months before the baby comes. we will be moving chloe downstairs and stella into chloe's room (i don't want them to share because one is a good sleeper and the other bad). and the baby into stella's room. we will be painting two of these rooms and re-carpeting the whole house. we are having wall-to-wall shelving installed in chloes new room. this is what else i have in mind for her room:

bedding from ikea. $19.99

pillows from childhood interiors. 15 pounds, euros--whatever they pay in the uk. i will get 5 C-H-L-O-E

i would like for this to be chloe's mantra. i can't remember how much it was. not expensive.

after the shelving is installed the closet doors won't fit. this curtain will cover the closet opening. $28.oo

chloe is really into fairytales and anything magical. this was $75 from

she really wants a purple room so we will paint one small wall purple and the rest will be a cream color. now, if i could just get someone to help me....


i went to ikea's grand opening yesterday with my two girls. we went at about 11:30. this is the line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. it really wasn't that bad. they had a bazillion people directing traffic. the check out lanes were all completely backed up but it was fine. we actually went back that evening because i found out a friend's band was playing. at 7:00 they only had about five check out lanes and they weren't long. chloe loved it. in fact, she loved it "infinity"--that's a lot. she's been wanting an art easle. it was her lucky day.


kid bathroom

my mom was in town and helped me paint. here are the before pictures:

i like the curtain because any towell can match. i need to install some towell hooks for the hooded towells to hang. i'll post the after pictures soon.