My Design Style II

i took a quiz on and here are the results:
"eccentric. for you, it's all about the mix. any style is welcome in your world as long as it complements something else. you're drawn to funky interiors and eye-catching color combinations (think red and blue, orange and turquoise, purple and gold). you like contrasting patterns and unconventional architecture. you enjoy furnishings that remind you of your travels mixed with modern pieces and offbeat antiques."
sounds about right. i do have red and blue walls.
also, here's what it says about virgos:
Being the most logical sign, you desire an orderly space where everything is kept neat and precise. Shelves for organization are a must, but you also enjoy vintage pieces, light wood and glass accents.Your colors of choice are light blues, yellow-greens and creams.
According to your sign, these four spaces suit your style:
Sleek Master Bedroom the master bedroom is nice.
Tranquil Blue Bathroom i love blue.
Airy Bedroom with Built-In Shelves i do love built-ins but not that bedroom.
Home Office Meets Library i DON'T like the office. (love the t.v. show--not the room in the link.)
that should be enough to go off. feel free to ask follow-up questions


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