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every november my Grammy has a sleepover for all her granddaughters and g.daughters-in-law (there are a LOT of us). we have dinner, lots of junk food, stay up till at least 3 am, and have a gift exchange--the kind where you roll dice and can take from other people. it's very fun and i look forward to it every year. but i have the hardest time deciding on a gift. please give me some ideas. the budget is $20.
some thoughts:

  • every year there is a "movie night" gift, a "pamper yourself" gift, and holiday decorations. so if you suggest something along these lines i'll probably veto it unless there is some added element of creativity.
  • most of the granddaughters are also mothers so the gift can be family-oriented.


Blogger love.boxes said...

I sell love boxes on Ebay. Search Hand Painted Love Boxes and you might find the perfect one for your fun party. It sounds wonderful!

5:43 PM  
Blogger Design Mom said...

Cranium Cadoo or Cranium Family Fun are awesome family gifts. Salem sent them both to us last Christmas and they are beloved.

Or, go to TJ Maxx and find a really cozy robe. There should be a few options in the $20 range. And everyone at a slumber party wants a robe.

Or, again at TJMaxx, or Target, buy the best tablecloth you can find for $20. Maybe something in cranberry red that can be used at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

7:07 AM  
Blogger kt said...

I love the latte bowls from Anthropologies. You can get 4 for $16 in bright, fun colors, Perfect for eating cereal or fruit or ice cream. So cheerful!

7:08 PM  

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