Community Ed.

i signed up for two sessions of woodworking. i'm so excited.
all three doors to my house enter directly into rooms. no entryways. no mudroom. so my first project will be a version of this to go by the back door. a perfect place for dog food/leash and snow clothes.

i haven't decided on my second project. i would love a long, simple dining table but don't really have room for it. i could also use a coffee table

or maybe a bench with storage space to go in my bedroom.

so many possibilities...


Blogger spendlove said...

here is a bench with some storage that looks like it could be made in your class-it shows pictures of one, two, or three drawer bench

you could possibly make a couple of coordinating bedside tables like the one-drawer bench but change the top to wood instead of a cushion.

8:45 AM  
Blogger spendlove said...

also at there are other cute ideas for bedside tables if you wanted to make them in class--look at "niche door side table" and "display side table"

9:13 AM  

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