Barn Light Electric

i've been trying to pick out lights for our house and i'm having a hard time--because i'm on a budget. and i'm indecisive. after HOURS of browsing the internet, i finally decided on this light to go over the island (three of them in black) from barn light electric:
before checking out i did a search to see if there were any promo codes. i discovered that barn light electric is doing a giveaway. there are so many cool lights on their site and so many colors/finishes. if i won i would buy some outdoor lights. maybe this one:

and some flush mount with the cool cage things for the hallways. i can dream.


Chloe's Storage

We planned on installing cabinet doors on the bottom four shelves.



BEFORE (when it was stella's room):

the jeeto picture was on sale for $15. i made the pillow and crib skirt. the mobile is from our trip to costa rica.

the chair is from ikea. i made the nightstand in a woods class. and the poster is from binth.

the clothes and teddy bear were dan's. my brother zach made the shelf. the poster is from thumbtack press.

i want a clock...

this is what i was thinking:

the first is a ewecoo clock. (it turns off in the dark.) the second is a mirror.

what do you think? anyone seeen any good clocks for this space?


Trundle Bed -- DONE

i found this trundle bed on craigslist ($30). it was white with brass accents. ugly. i was just going to use the trundle part of it under a different bed frame but then we decided to sand blast it ($40) and have it powder coated ($70). we're happy with the results.
as always, more pictures to come.


Thanks Folks

my parents (mostly my mom) have come up on multiple weekends to help me with projects. my mom has--sometimes with, sometimes without my help--painted four rooms, shelves, and the baseboards, doors, walls and ceilings of my hallways. she also weeded my yard and completed various other tasks around the house. plus, she always cleans the house before she leaves.

the last time my dad was here he had me put him to work. first he installed this shelf in my bathroom:
then he fixed a towell rod (those things are always pulling out of the drywall). then he put the hardware on that white cabinet i made. then he finished (dan started) installing the shelves in chloe's closet:then he hung the curtain:then a man came over to give us a bid on wall-to-wall shelves. (the first bid we got was $1300.) i didn't have much confidence in this last man and when he left my dad said, "i could do it." and he did. we went to home depot for supplies. he worked from about 3:00-9:30 that night and then finished in the morning:then i sanded and puttied and dan caulked and my mom helped me paint. its something i've wanted done for a long time. i'm very excited about it . i'll post pictures soon.

DONE Community Ed

i made two of these in my community ed. woods class.

and i made this. the bottom drawer is huge and is full of art supplies and other activities.

Stella's Room

  • the chair is from a thrift store.
  • the mobile is from a trip to france.

  • the art is from national badger (i bought it for the baby's room but stella liked it so much i decided to let her have it).

  • the book shelf is from another room of the house--repainted.

  • my grammy crocheted the dress for the cupie doll when i was little. i have a matching one.

  • the balloon is from tai pan trading discounted because of the dent.

  • we bought the bed off ebay but i think you can get it at walmart.

  • the quilt is from target. it was chloes. i cut it in half.

  • the curtains are from ikea (need to be hemmed).

  • my mom helped me repaint the walls.

Out of Time

yesterday was my due date. tomorrow i am going into the hospital to have my water broken. that leaves today to wrap things up.
i've had so many projects. every room of the house has a to-do list. i wanted to wait to post pictures of complete rooms but that hasn't been accomplished. i'll go ahead and post pictures of some of my accomplishments. then i'll go pack my hospital bag.


Trundle Bed

the playroom/guest room is now chloe's room. we got rid of the futon and now just have chloe's twin bed in there. we want a trundle bed but are having a hard time finding one.

i love the look of this:

but i want one that can pop-up into a king-size bed so couples can sleep side by side. (would it be weird to put up a couple in a multi-level bed?)

this is all i can find. seems kind of expensive ($399).
any ideas?



this is what i have in mind for the new nursery decor:

one or both of these fabrics for the bedding:

art from binth

from jeeto

from national badger

and a mobile. haven't decided yet. maybe one from etsy:

the walls will be a cream color. i might paint the ceiling a light shade of blue. what do you think?

DONE Kid's Bathroom

the flash washed out the paint a bit, its not white--its a greenish/greyish/tanish color. it matches one of the stripes in the curtain. my sister-in-law, cyndi, gave me the vinyl (she has a business).
it feels good to finally have a room complete. my parents are coming up next weekend to help me paint. hopefully i can keep things rolling.


Chloe's Room

i have so many projects and only 3 months before the baby comes. we will be moving chloe downstairs and stella into chloe's room (i don't want them to share because one is a good sleeper and the other bad). and the baby into stella's room. we will be painting two of these rooms and re-carpeting the whole house. we are having wall-to-wall shelving installed in chloes new room. this is what else i have in mind for her room:

bedding from ikea. $19.99

pillows from childhood interiors. 15 pounds, euros--whatever they pay in the uk. i will get 5 C-H-L-O-E

i would like for this to be chloe's mantra. i can't remember how much it was. not expensive.

after the shelving is installed the closet doors won't fit. this curtain will cover the closet opening. $28.oo

chloe is really into fairytales and anything magical. this was $75 from

she really wants a purple room so we will paint one small wall purple and the rest will be a cream color. now, if i could just get someone to help me....


i went to ikea's grand opening yesterday with my two girls. we went at about 11:30. this is the line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. it really wasn't that bad. they had a bazillion people directing traffic. the check out lanes were all completely backed up but it was fine. we actually went back that evening because i found out a friend's band was playing. at 7:00 they only had about five check out lanes and they weren't long. chloe loved it. in fact, she loved it "infinity"--that's a lot. she's been wanting an art easle. it was her lucky day.


kid bathroom

my mom was in town and helped me paint. here are the before pictures:

i like the curtain because any towell can match. i need to install some towell hooks for the hooded towells to hang. i'll post the after pictures soon.


noelle o designs

remember the apron and girl clothes i bought at a Christmas craft fair? well, the creator, noelle o has a blog displaying her talents. she also has very clever kids.


i just noticed i was "tagged" by sweet mamu. i guess that's what i needed to get me blogging again because, well, we'll just start...
5 things you may not know about me:
  1. i am pregnant with my 3rd kid. that's why i have been a slacker blogger. i just haven't had a lot of energy for projects.
  2. i would really like to adopt. 2 kids. maybe siblings. to make a total of 5 kids.
  3. the ocean kinda freaks me out. i'm fine if i can touch but once it gets deep i get scared of sea creatures/plants and the power of waves.
  4. i don't know how to read music. the last time it came up was in 6th grade when we were learning to play the recorder. i know there is some limerick but i don't remember it. i keep thinking i would like to take piano lessons but when it comes down to it i guess i would rather play on a soccer team and take a woodworking class.
  5. i have really long toes.


Front Room

this is my front room. i love the color. it is disney's "owl's nest". this is what our front door opens to.
i need help with the piano. what do i put on it?